Solar Power Calculators

By now you probably have a much greater understanding of how solar power installations work, and the benefits you can achieve from producing your clean solar energy rather than paying for electricity from the grid.  Now it’s time to take a more concrete view of solar energy and look at some actual numbers that will give you a much better idea of how solar power can change your home or business place for the better.

Below you will find five calculators, each serving a distinct purpose.  Grab your most recent utility bill and play around with the calculators, and let’s put some actual figures down on paper.

Solar System Output Calculator

You know that producing your own solar power is going to save you money since you won’t need to draw as much electricity from the grid as you previously did. 

Solar Savings and Payback Calculator

Wondering how your daily lifestyle will affect the amount of solar energy you use compared to the excess amount that you can then put back into the grid?

Electricity Price Rise Impact Calculator

It’s one thing to know how much you’re paying for electricity right now, but have you ever stopped to consider what you’ll be paying in the coming years? 

Solar System Based on Roof Size Calculator

Are you wondering whether your roof is large enough to fit as many solar panels as you would need to generate enough solar electricity to meet your needs? 

Solar Income and ROI Calculator

A solar panel system is an investment, and this calculator will help you visualise how your investment is likely to pay off for you in the long run.