We are based in Darwin and we know and understand the Northern Territory building code Darwin region requirements.

Building Permits

The building code in Darwin and throughout the Northern Territory is different in several important respects than building codes in other states and territories of Australia.  We strongly believe that no solar power company could truly understand all the nuances of the building code in the NT unless they are permanently based in the area.

As proud Northern Territory locals, the team at Quality Solar NT is a full bottle on all building code requirements in the local area.  As such, we can arrange for all building permits as needed, and ensure that all our work is strictly compliant.


Full 5-Year Warranty

When you’re looking for quality reliable solar system installation in Darwin, look no further than Quality Solar NT.  We are so confident in the equipment and services we provide that we offer a full five-year warranty on all solar installations and other workmanship performed.

How can we be so confident with the services we provide?  Because we insist that solar installers who sign off on a completed installation are not only fully qualified electricians, but have also received additional solar power-related qualifications by the BCSE (Business Council for Sustainable Energy).


Holistic Design

Good design always requires a holistic viewpoint. Take a step back, consider all the details from above, and you get a better perspective on how to deal with problems up close. That’s precisely how Quality Solar NT develops its approach which maximises Solar PV performance.

No design – whether it be for a solar power system or anything else – can be complete without taking a holistic view-point.  When we design a solar power system for a home or business premises, we consider every possible aspect.  It is this holistic approach that allows us to prevent problems from occurring in the first place, rather than dealing with problems in the future.

Other Services

At Quality Solar NT, we don’t just provide and install the best quality solar panels in Australia.  We can also check, clean, and service all solar power equipment and infrastructure, including solar inverters.  We can repair and replace isolators and inverters as necessary, and provide full routine system checks. 

The best way to get the most out of your solar system is to maintain and service all your equipment regularly, and the team at Quality Solar NT is here ready to help you achieve just that.


We love the system! All my questions about the pros and cons of the different installations were answered thoroughly and I was given enough information to make the decision easily. The installers were intelligent, confident, polite and conscientious. They left no mess behind and were fun to have around.


Company Solar System Melbourne

I am very pleased with the work done. Everyone very helpful and the crew cleaned up after themselves. My last month’s electric bill was just $119! I am so happy with my solar energy system that I am recommending your firm to others.


Complete Solar System


Frequent Questions


How will I use the electricity from a Quality Solar energy system?

The electricity generated by a Quality Solar energy system works just like the electricity delivered by your local utility. After passing through a component called an inverter, the direct current (DC) electricity generated by solar photovoltaic panels is converted to alternating current 240 Volts (AC), the type of electricity that you normally access through the outlets in your home or business facility. This AC electricity is either fed into your home for your use, or is fed back into the electricity grid if you are generating more than you are consuming. Speak to a Quality Solar specialist to learn how you can benefit.


What happens at night?

Solar photovoltaic panels require sunlight to produce solar electricity; no solar system will produce electricity during the night. With a Quality Solar Grid Connect system, your local utility will continue to supply your electricity at night.


Do I need batteries for my Quality Solar Grid Connect system?

No, excess solar energy generated on your roof is automatically fed back into the electricity mains via your inverter. Your solar system also automatically sources electricity from the grid when you are not generating sufficient electricity from your solar panels. Therefore, you effectively are using the grid as your battery.

What happens on cloudy days?

Since solar photovoltaic (PV) technology requires sunlight to produce electricity, the bulk of your solar electricity production will take place in bright sunny conditions. The amount of solar electricity produced by your panels is directly proportional to the amount of sunlight available at any given moment. Solar systems can still generate around 50% of their peak output under bright overcast conditions but heavy clouds which significantly reduce brightness during the day will further reduce performance.