10 Important Points to Remember While Installing Solar Systems to Your Home or Business Space

10 Important Points to Remember While Installing Solar Systems to Your Home or Business Space

Want to go solar? If you’re planning to build a new home or business, installing a solar system can be a great idea. Let’s be honest, the biggest reason for making this decision would be the financial savings in the long run. Businesses have high energy usage as compared to households and a good solar system installation can make a big difference.

Solar energy being a renewable energy source can be a sustainable choice and many people are now tapping into this alternative source of energy to enjoy numerous advantages.

If you’re planning to go for solar systems, here we’ve discussed 10 important points to keep in mind before investing…

1. Know the Roof Condition: One of the great things about solar panels is their durability and most systems last for many years. That is the reason you need to consider your roof condition as it needs to be in excellent form before installing the system. Consider things like layout, materials, etc.

2. The Location of Your Building: The more sun that shines on the solar panels, the more energy they will generate and this is only possible when the location of your building is right. While you may still benefit from solar panels in cloudy locations, you may need to install a few extra panels.

3. Know the Panel Options: There may be different choices available in different regions but roof-mounted panels are the most popular choice. You can install these panels anywhere on a piece of property while the ground-mounted ones may require more labor and materials. Also, the ground-mounted panels are quite expensive.

4. Know the Rebates and Tax Credits: Check for any rebates in your area as they can considerably reduce the cost of your solar system installation. You may need to review your state options to know how much you can save. You can also check with your solar installer for any rebates.

5. Distance to Your Connection Points: Most solar panels are connected to the electrical system at the utility meter and that’s is why you need to check the distance to your connection points. Also, it will be better to consider how far your modem will be from the location of the solar inverters.

6. Check the Contract Carefully: There may be different rules for installing solar panels in different regions. You may also need to sign a contract with details like ownership, financing, etc if there are web-enabled services involved. It is always good to verify if anyone is collecting data on your energy production.

7. Work With a Trustworthy Installer: As solar systems involve a lot of logistics and grid work, it is imperative to find a credible installer. Here at Quality Solar, we are licensed, qualified professionals who have years of experience behind us. We are more than happy to answer any questions that you may have. So, make sure to find a company that you can trust with your installation.

8. Lease or Buy: With many options available, you may want to consider whether to lease or buy the solar panels. For this, you may need to run a cost-benefit analysis for both options available. However, buying your system may pay bigger profits in the long run while leasing lets you access cheaper electricity but with limited benefits.

9. Amount of Energy You Use: The more energy you use, the more benefits you can enjoy from a solar panel installation. Check if your usage will increase or decrease shortly before installing the solar system at your home or business. Talk with your installer to design a panel that best accommodates your energy usage.

10. Know About Warranties: Though there are many types of durable and long-lasting solar panels available, it is still important to make sure that you’re covered. Check for warranties with your installer in case anything should happen to components like inverter, monitoring equipment, racking, etc.

Are you ready to go green?

5 Solar Energy Benefits

5 Ways Solar Energy Can Provide You with Great Benefits Up Front!

Are you aware of the great benefits solar energy can provide you with? If not… keep reading to find out the 5 ways solar energy can help you make the most out of your household. While they are costly to install, there are many advantages to making the switch to solar energy, for instance it’s eco-friendly and will reduce those questionably large electricity bills saving you those dollars!

Renewable Energy Source

  • Solar energy is truly a great source of renewable energy, it is sustainable and does not release any greenhouse gases when producing electricity for you.
  • As long as the sun is in the sky, you will always be able to reap in the great benefits of solar electricity.

Reduce the Heavy Electricity Bills and Power Consumption

  • Apart from cutting down the power bill, solar energy can also provide you with credit towards that next bill! That is of course if you generate more electricity than your household needs.
  • How much you save will depend on the size of the solar system and the amount your household uses.

Diverse Applications and Better Solar Energy Efficiency

  • Solar power can be useful in remote areas or areas without access to the energy grid.
  • While solar energy is most commonly known for producing electricity, it can also produce heat known as solar thermal, which can provide your household with hot water.
  • Solar panels can be installed to small premises so don’t feel limited if you’re living in an apartment, unit or tiny home.

Cost Effective and Low Maintenance Cost

  • Solar energy systems are very low maintenance, they only require the odd cleaning a couple times a year. There is no wear and tear, the only thing you may need to change after a certain period would be the inverter and possibly the cables to ensure your solar panels run at maximum efficiency.
  • All solar energy systems come with warranty.

Technology Driven Development

  • Each day there is some new form of innovative technology that has been designed to help the products we currently use. Solar energy systems are technology driven; they are always advancing to better our lives.

In summary, implementing solar energy systems into your household is the way to go when wanting to reduce your electricity bills. Your decision to switching to a clean source of energy will be helping the environment. If you’re ever in doubt or need to know more about solar energy and the installation process, you can give our Quality Solar NT team a call who will be able to answer all your solar questions.

Solar Systems: Why they are essential

Why Solar System Installation is Necessary to every House?

Solar system installation over the years has provided people with all the necessary solar benefits. During the warmer months, many households find different ways to cool down however, this can get quite costly. Investing in a solar system is essential and would be the best thing for your home and power bill. It is a great source of renewable energy, meaning no greenhouse gas emissions which will help steer the world to a cleaner form of energy production. There are so many benefits in having a solar system within your household such as reducing the amount of wasted and unnecessary electricity. As drawing power from the sun is unlimited and your power will still work even when the sun has gone down. This also means you can have the air conditioner on at any time of the day and not have to feel guilty about using it.

What are the Positives of Installing a Solar System? Well, here’s the break down…

  • Solar power gains its energy from the sun and hence makes the environment
  • eco-friendlier and prevents any toxic air.
  • Installing a solar system will help reduce expensive power bills
  • Freely use the air conditioner and not feel guilty
  • You can keep track of how much power your solar systems are using
  • The cost for a solar system might come at a scare to some people however it will be a one-off payment and you’ll be making up for it with cheaper power bills.
  • Many households today are investing in solar systems for their homes
  • Adds value to your home, so more dollars in your pocket

Why Quality Solar uses LG solar panels

Here within Darwin we have the toughest building regulations in the world and LG solar panels tick all the boxes when it comes to them. LG solar panels are good quality systems, they are certified and provide at least double the strength and durability than a standard module. It is important for homeowners to pick a solar panel with a high wind rating for building compliance. Therefore, choosing the right reputable LG supplier is essential.

Solar system installations are very common and are something you will notice most houses having, they are value for money. The realization for the need to switch to solar power is growing, so contact Quality Solar and we can answer all your questions about the pros and cons of the different solar installations.

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LG Electronics Australia Supports Bushfire Relief Efforts

SYDNEY, 24 February 2020 – LG Electronics Australia today announced the company is donating $500,000 to help with animal conservation efforts. The donation follows the disastrous bushfires that impacted the country and its wildlife earlier this year.

The recent bushfires have impacted the lives of thousands of Australians, businesses and dozens of towns throughout the country. An estimated one billion native animals were also killed during the bushfires and more than 11 million hectares of habitat – an area comparable to the size of South Korea – has been affected across all states and territories.

The donation by LG Electronics Australia will significantly bolster the emergency ‘WIRES Wildlife Relief Fund’ for frontline wildlife rescue and volunteer groups. The fund provides immediate assistance to cover the costs associated with the rescue and care of animals affected by fire, drought and extreme weather conditions. The LG donation will increase funds available for donation to $1.5 million.

Licensed rescue groups and carers licensed as individuals can apply for funds to cover the costs of animal food, medical supplies, veterinary needs and equipment.

Mr. Dan Lim, Managing Director of LG Electronics Australia said, “The Australian bushfires were an unprecedented disaster and one that has deeply affected LG Electronics, our staff and partners. The work being undertaken by WIRES is extremely important to us. It pains us to see the devastation that has occurred.

“LG Electronics is also looking at other ways in which we can actively and positively help groups such as WIRES and these communities affected by bushfires. We hope to make further announcements in the near future.”

LG Electronics announced it will also match dollar-for-dollar any employee donation made to WIRES as part of its ongoing employee engagement program.

LG Twins baseball team join bushfire rescue efforts

Meanwhile, the LG Twins baseball team, currently training in Australia for their summer camp, hosted a fan meeting event on 22nd February ahead of an exhibition match. Prior to the game, fans had a chance to meet the players, snap photos and receive signatures.

The LG Twins play in the South Korean national league and are one of the most-followed teams in South Korea – with an estimated fan base of more than one million people.

All money raised from the exhibition match will also be donated to WIRES for animal rehabilitation and habitat conservation programs.

The fan event and exhibition game was held at Blacktown International Sports Park, Eastern Road, Rooty Hill. Mr. Dan Lim announced LG Electronics Australia’s donation of $500,000 to WIRES at this event.

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