Benefits of Solar Panels

There’s a reason why Australia is known as the “sunburnt country” and why we talk of our “wide, brown lands.”  Australia – and Darwin in the Northern Territory in particular – has an abundance of sunlight, so it makes sense that so many people are embracing the benefits of solar power.  If you’re considering installing solar system panels on your home or place of business, read on to find out more about the benefits of solar panels in Australia.


Perhaps the biggest and most obvious benefit of installing a solar system is the money that you will directly save on your future energy bills.  Rather than purchasing your electricity directly from the grid, you will be generating a large proportion of your energy consumption from solar energy, which is completely free for you to use. 

If you go one step further and install a battery system to complement your solar panels, you can store the solar power generated during the sunlight hours for use overnight, cutting your electricity usage even further.

Depending on the number of solar panels you install, the amount of sunlight your property receives (which in Darwin includes at least six hours of peak sunlight on average per day), and your average daily energy usage, it’s not uncommon for a solar panel set-up to generate more electricity than it uses.  In this case, you can direct your excess electricity back to the grid, and earn the same unit rate for the energy you sell as you would have paid if you are purchasing your energy from a power company.  In this way, not only will the new solar power system help you save money, it could even earn you a small side income in the future once the initial installation costs have been reimbursed.

Increase The Value Of Your Property

Solar panels are an investment towards a permanent reduction in your future energy bills, but they’re also an investment in the value of your property.  The popularity of solar power in Australia continues to increase, yet some people remain cautious about the perceived complexity and expense of installing a solar system for the first time.  Already having properly installed, high-quality solar panels on your property is an excellent way of increasing the value of your property and giving it more appeal on the real estate market.

Easy To Maintain

With no moving parts and rugged construction, solar panels require very little maintenance.  At Quality Solar NT, we only use the highest quality solar panels available, to ensure the longest possible life of every installation.  Your new solar panels should last an average of 25 years, provided they are cleaned occasionally and checked by a licensed electrician regularly.  During these 25 years, your inverter will probably need to be replaced at least once, but the panels themselves should last the full 25 years.

Living Off The Grid

If the idea of living off the grid has ever been an appealing one to you, installing solar panels is an excellent way to start.  Living off the grid means living in an area or on a property that is not serviced by mains electricity.  By harnessing the sun’s natural energy and generating your electricity, you can supply enough power to maintain your lifestyle without being reliant on an electricity grid and a power company.

As a standalone energy system, solar panels do not have any external metering, nor will they attract any ongoing bills for energy consumption or infrastructure at any time in the future.

Environmental Benefits

Climate change is increasingly becoming an enormous concern for scientists, environmentalists, and everyday people alike.  Burning fossil fuels is one of the greatest contributors to greenhouse gas emissions, making solar energy a very popular choice for those wishing to reduce their environmental footprint.

As fossil fuels, gas and coal are non-renewable and will eventually run out, sunlight is the most renewable energy source available to humankind, and in Darwin in the Northern Territory as a whole, it’s an incredibly abundant resource.

Following its proper installation and operation, a solar power system produces zero greenhouse gas emissions.  Not only will you be reaping the benefits of cost savings (or perhaps even income production), increased property value, easy maintenance, and an off-the-grid lifestyle, you will also have the satisfaction of knowing that you have done your part to reduce your environmental footprint in a very real way.

Hopefully, by now you understand more about the benefits of solar panels in Australia.  If you still have unanswered questions, feel free to check out other parts of the Quality Solar NT website, or simply contact us for more information.

Alternatively, if you’re ready to invest in solar energy, get in touch with the friendly team at Quality Solar NT today.  Our professional and courteous installers will be happy to pay a visit to your home and provide an obligation free quotation, along with advice and the answers to any questions you may still have about solar systems in Australia.